I have had the privilege of designing the offices for Sweet Studio, a creative agency that helps startups. This former gymnasium in central Stockholm with high ceilings and big windows facing a lush park and the Karlbergs canal, became a unique, bright and open studio space.

Textures, natural materials and soft hues makes for a comfortable, calm and inspiring work environment.

Teddy, the much beloved office dog.

It is an open plan co-working space featuring big communal work tables in solid oak. These tables from Hem have a beautiful materiality and are well crafted while offering all the functionality of cable management and even folds away(!) for when the client has events. The big conference room, as well as the kitchen and bathrooms it sits on top of, are painted in a dusty yellow. This softly defines the structure within in the space and gives warmth.

I love designing work spaces. I have designed quite a few over the years and have seen it transform company cultures and how people feel about their work. It can improve social interactions and facilitate more focused work. People take bigger pride in their work and it makes it easier to attract new collagues.

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