A few years back while working at BAS, I designed the shoe department at the Nordiska Kompaniet department store in Stockholm. The floor is still my obsession, it is custom made together with the wonderful Swedish producer Kasthall that have been making carpets in Sweden since 1889. Being part of designing Kasthalls flagship store at Ingmar Bergmans gata 4, I knew the brand well, and it was a dream project to create a custom carpet. And Nordiska Kompaniet was the perfect client to do it for, bringing two classic Swedish brands together.

It is a digitally printed carpet of a marble pattern we hand painted. An hommage to the original marble interior elements in the old department store. This was a way to create a luxurious experience with simple means. It visually connects the space that holds a large part of the ground floor. It is basically immune to stains and will age well, as stains in diffrent shades, shapes and sizes make up the pattern. Genius right?! The acoustic qualities of the soft carpet makes the space more quiet and calm. Also, nothing nicer than trying on shoes on a soft carpet.

Working with, instead of fighting against, the many pillars in the space, I designed minimalist oak shelves that lean up against the pillars. This creates individual spaces for each of the different brands. A brass mesh placed in the center gives each shelf two separate sides to display on, while keeping an open airy feel to the space.

A dream floor.

In a dream store.

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