This is my home. We have lived in this house for five years now. And in a sense, building and designing this home was the starting point for STUDIO ENKEL. I found myself working in a different process and making very different decisions here than I did in my work as a professional interior architect at the time.

It was much more focused on how we wanted to feel and live in the space rather than how it looked. It was a process that was more about making than spending. Looking away from impressive trends and looking towards simple easy everyday living. I felt I was working from my own truth, my authentic and intuitive process. And this is my aim for STUDIO ENKEL, to work professionally in an authentic process.

The kitchen is open and at the center of the house. The dining table is a Judd-inspired self-build and the chairs are the most basic Ikea chairs. Simple and not precious makes for less stressful dinners when living with small kids. When the kids get older and are not the destructive force that they are today we will invest in properly crafted high quality chairs. The lamps are designed by Karl-Johan Hjerling and myself for Snickeriet and are made from pressed leather from Tärnsjö garveri.
The kitchen was designed in 2013 which was the era of green, grey and blue kitchens, fancy tiles, brass and copper details. But we went for a quiet sandy hue pared with limestone. I’m glad it doesn’t feel very “five years ago” today. At the moment though, the sand colored kitchens are everywhere, so maybe it will feel five years ago in another five years. Who knows, ha ha!

The house has a big wrap around porch with doors opening up from every room. It is furnished completely based on how we use it. Breakfast table where the first morning rays hit, dining table where the evening light sets and a parasol that gives shade during the lunch hours. Rocking chairs facing the views and a fireplace to prolong the light, but sometimes cool, Swedish summer nights. We choose only fragrant flowers like lavender, thyme and rosemary and when the doors are open in the evenings and the scent seeps in, its a constant connection to the outside.

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